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some comment changes...

I'm getting a lot of spam comments. The only good thing about it was that it reminded me I had an LJ account. (Man, I suck) The bad thing is that it's annoying. So to my non-LJ followers I hope you can still comment and these spammers stop pestering. If it doesn't work I'll have to look into making the comments from registered users only :(


So yeah... sorry for not posting. I had a really rough pregnancy/delivery and now am busy being a mom. o.o

I wasn't one all too thrilled with the idea of being a mom but well I am one now! lool

It gave me some interesting story ideas. When things calm down a bit and I figure out a schedule maybe I'll write again.

So sorry I'm constantly on hiatus guys. Life is just so busy right now.

Moving foreward...

All right, I'll admit defeat. I didn't finish my old prompts. But I don't feel like just curling up to a ball and vanishing (oh wait, I already did that >.< ). Guess it's time to move on. I want to try another challenge and I think I will. More Bwen. (I *HATE* the new stuff but I *LOVE* these kissing cousins too much to just let them go). I'll try to update weekly to monthly (I dislike how lax I've become, I need to push my writing skill).

Here is my new challenge. Only 30 this time. Each entry will NOT be a snippet. Those make me lazy. If I do a drabble, it might be for the old challenge. This challenge I want to try to hit 1000-2000 words. Get some stories done, y'know?

001.You were never mine to begin with.002.I'm willing to sacrifice anything just for you.003.Find me in the Dark.004.Darkness in my heart.005.Release my darkness; Bring me warmth.
006.Stolen Heart.007.First sunlight after the darkness.008.One last date....009.When all hope is lost.010.Together itsumo (Together always).
011.You will never look at me. 012.Your love is suffocating me.013.Paint the night with stars.014.Guardian Angel.015.Telling you the truth.
016.You don't know what you have done to me.017.Black Wings; Wings.018.Listen to the music at night.019.Crying all night for you.020.Never leave me again.
021.Seeking for you.022.Love you till the very end.023.Like an art piece.024.My heart is bleeding for you....025.Release of the evils.
026.Frozen moment at the first sight.027.I'm souless without you.028.I feel safe with you by my side.029.I will never hurt you.030.It hurt to see you cry.
Finally together.
I hate to love, but for you I'm willing to...
I feel peace at night.
It's hard not to love you.
I'm poisoned from the very moment.
Don't worry, I'll always be by your side.
Threads of Fate.
Alone at night.
Hear the thunder roar and the lightning flash.
It's just a nightmare.
Table made by flakes_of_snow

ShikaIno // Ties that Bind // Prologue

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet,
regardless of time, place or circumstance.

The thread may stretch or tangle
but it will never break

Title: Ties that Bind
Fandom: Naruto
Characters: ShikaIno
Word Count: 1182
Rating: T
Summary: Ino's last mission goes horribly wrong. Captured and imprisoned in a fashion beyond her worse imagining, can she possibly keep her promise to Shikamaru?
Author's Notes: Not my usual fandom and not my usual pairing. But I'm a sucker for the best friends forever turned lovers. This is going to be a multi-shot.

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BMV: Until the Day I Die

Another BenxGwen video. I got millions of projects, but this is the first completed project done in Sony Vegas x.X

My video clips should be much better than before since I didn't take them from VOBs to AVIs to whatever, whatever. But I still edited them when they were WMV... not that I perfer that, but I can save more with that format than with others... And this song? With this pairing? I've been wanting to do it forever. I think this is one of the best songs for Ben/Gwen, it's one that describes them pretty well.

Lyrics're behind here.
Until the Day I Die LyricsCollapse )

10 Bwen Prompts

*completely ignores the 80-something she knows she has on the 100 prompt table*
I think I need MOAR. Just something different and new to get the creative juices flowing.

Table 4
taken from 10_prompts
01. Blood 02. Passion 03. Why? 04. Ring 05. Gift
06. Alone 07. Destiny 08. Follow 09. Haunted 10. Eternal

Ring and Why? are repeats from the original 100 post, but I always had two different stories for them anyway. Ring, definately. For the Why? maybe it's time Ben asks some questions and get some answers from Gwen. XD
Title: Just Enough
Fandom: Ben 10/AFish
Characters: Ben/Gwen (Mostly Gwen with her thoughts turning to Ben)
Prompt: #034 Not Enough
Word Count: 403
Rating: T
Summary: Gwendolyn Tennyson is a half-creature, stuck between two worlds and feeling not enough to be in either one.
Author's Notes: This has been sitting on my hardrive for a while and was written before I was comfortable with the Alien DNA so there's half that and half magic as I was trying to wrap my mind around things. So it needs work. But I felt like updating with something.
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*sigh* Bwen

So Ben and Gwen won't let me write about them... but they also won't let me write about anything else. What a couple of bratty muses. *grrs*

So since I'm not writing anything...

[Bwen] Broken [R.A.T]

[Bwen] Being Me

P.S. This is my 50th Bwen post on my LJ. Hooray! Now for another 50 more...

KevLie Music Video

*gigglesnort* My 10th video on YouTube, among the Bwen and Bevin I've done...

This started the reason why I wrote that crack fic. I can't finish this, I need more *new* Ben-less Julie scenes, dammit!! So there's some good things to (hopefully) look forward to the new season. Besides I already don't want to see the new season and I totally have little reason or want to write Bwen or do anything Bwen related... so maybe I should do something KevLie, just to get some creative juices flowing...

*sighs* I need me a new avatar for this pairing. Or something.

Kevin/Julie [Crack!] This Losing Game

Title: This Losing Game
Fandom: Ben 10: Alien Force
Characters: Kevin & Julie, KevLie
Word Count: 1012
Rating: T
Summary: It's not about them. It's not even personal. The game was between Ben and Gwen, they were just stuck watching from the sidelines.
Author's Notes: Beyond this being a pairing that... quite frankly, would end a lot of headaches AF gives me, there's something about it I really like.

You're being used, you knowCollapse )

Crack pairing, yes. Expect more :D